May 15, 1983
You're getting called to a crime scene... but something is different.
Everything is different.
You start to question everything you know and love.
You start to question everything you knew and loved.
Including... yourself.

Help me (@Cynostial) completing The Miami Massacre!
Any donation helps me and not a single one will go unnoticed!

My Way Of Saying Thank You:
Every donor will be named in the game credits - You guys make this game possible and every single donor helps us to get closer to our goal!
Donations over $10 will get a copy of the Closed-Beta of 'The Miami Massacre' in December 2017 as well as the complete game in February 2018.
Donations over $50 will not only get the Closed-Beta and the entire game before release, but also a physical copy of the game as well as the Soundtrack and Artworks.
Donations over $100 will get everything mentioned above & a character within the game named after them. You as a video-game character.. wouldn't that be cool?

[Artworks / Media Below]